About the Choir


Una Voce Chamber Choir

 Una Voce traces its origins to the critically acclaimed Vox Nova Chamber Choir, which concluded its ninth concert season in June, 2018. When founding Director Shannon Chase decided to pursue other opportunities, the Vox Nova singers quickly reorganized as Una Voce Chamber Choir. Its Board of Directors then appointed twenty year veteran choral conductor Virgil Bozeman IV as the choir’s first Artistic Director. 

Una Voce performs mostly a cappella. Occasionally its programs include solo and ensemble instrumentalists. While not neglecting choral favorites, the choir specializes in intimate chamber music that employs complex chords, multiple rhythms, and elegant dissonances. Its auditioned members, many of whom are trained performers, music educators and professional choir directors, live in mid coast, central and southern Maine.


Auditions are conducted on a rolling basis. For more information on joining Una Voce Chamber Choir, contact us at unavocechamberchoir@gmail.com

Una Voce Chamber Choir - 2019


Stephanie Bernier

Marsey Caswell

Jennifer Caton

Jeannie Giberson 

Caroline Koelker

Erika Leighton

Denise Meiler

Susan Purcell

Julie Richard

Hillary Shende


Ashley Albert

Claire Berkowitz

Alexis Gillis

Jean Edmondson

Susan Kring

Katie Lauze

Shirsten Lundblad

Catherine Newell

Eileen Stirling

Karen Topp

Rachel Turner


Drew Albert

Steve Amsden

Nate Bates

Robert Gersh

Robert Haines 

Scott Hanson

Jason Paquette


Ben Baumgarte

Sheldon Bird

John Gilmour

Jeff Hollowell

Matthew Jones

Aaron Keller

Del Leonard

Burke Long

Ryan Newell

Daniel Pendergast

Photos courtesy of Mark Evans